Michael is a photographer and designer.  He was self taught in both areas up until attending the University of Colorado, Boulder where he began to take classes focusing on these topics and giving him a more rounded skillset.  His primary focus for photography remains on rock climbing but he dabbles in automotive, landscape, architecture, and portrait photography.  As a designer, he focuses on UI and graphic design but has skills in other areas such as motion graphics, 3D modeling, programming, and mobile app development.

Michael works as the Head Routesetter at the CU Outdoor Program. He has been in this position since Summer of 2016 and continues to enjoy his time there making changes and improvements to the gym so that it can be the best university climbing gym possible. He also works as a coach for Team Evo at Evo Rock and Fitness in Louisville, CO teaching athletes from ages 8 - 18 how to rock climb, improve and get stronger for competitions. Michael is also the Social Media Director for the CU Climbing Team where he plans, creates, and posts content to the team’s instagram page.

As a rock climber, Michael has traveled to a few places around the US, most notably Bishop, Yosemite, and Joe’s Valley, but has aspirations to travel to other parts of the country and to both Europe and South Africa.

As a car enthusiast, Michael spends a lot of time (and money) building cars and occasionally racing them.  Michael owns a Subaru WRX that has undergone extensive modification yet has not scratched the surface of everything he has planned.  He also owns a Nissan 240sx built specifically for drifting.



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