Hi, my name is Michael and I like to make things.




Visual Designer

Millennium Space Systems

August 2022 - Present

  • Elevate design and brand identity of Millennium Space Systems through asset and design system creation

  • Create print and digital advertisements that visually convey the products and services that Millennium provides and contribute to the overall marketing effort to boost awareness and supplement hiring efforts.

  • Design infographics that show the detail of current and past space missions

  • Use Keyshot 3D and Photoshop to produce realistic renderings from CAD models for use in advertisements and press releases.


Commence Studio

May 2021 — August 2022

  • Work closely with the Creative Director to develop and create brand identity systems and digital experiences for startups and established businesses

  • Assist and direct commercial photo shoots through pre-production, production, and post-production

  • Strategically develop user journeys and design user interfaces (UI/UX) in collaboration with the technical team to ensure easy handoff from design to development

  • Create high-fidelity web prototypes in Figma while collaborating with the development team for easy handoff

  • Design layouts for social media posts that feature recent work completed and highlight services offered by Commence

  • Perform ongoing production work for large clients

Design Intern


December 2020 — June 2021

  • Design slide decks following existing brand guidelines

  • Create design assets and develop social media content plans that are consistent with the PathMatch brand and align with marketing strategies

  • Assist in creating, implementing, and managing creative direction and strategy across various social media channels

  • Build consistent, engaging content on all social media channels, including writing and editing social media posts, improving customer engagement, and promoting social media campaigns

  • Update CMS in Webflow

Social Media Director

CU Climbing Team

August 2018 — May 2019

  • Managed social media accounts for CU Climbing Team

  • Coordinated gym photoshoot which was published in the Wall Street Journal

  • Designed team apparel, graphics, and marketing material

Communications Assistant

CU Engineering

September 2017 — May 2018

  • Designed print and digital advertising for speakers, contests, and other campus events in the school of Engineering at CU Boulder

  • Created and updated website content through internal CMS

Route Setting Manager

CU Outdoor Program

June 2016 — May 2019

  • Led a team of 6 routesetters, coordinating schedules and ensuring that all routes were set consistently

  • Increased overall gym quality and routesetting efficiency by introducing new practices and offering better constructive criticism

  • Planned an annual bouldering competition for 3 years. Responsibilities include: routesetting, competition logistics, sponsorships, and scheduling


Brand Identity Design

Wireframing & UI Design

Packaging and Mockups

User Journeys and Research

Style Guides & Asset Libraries


Rapid Prototyping









After Effects

Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro


B.S. Technology, Arts and Media

University of Colorado, Boulder
August 2015 — May 2019


Become a UX Designer

The Interaction Design Foundation
October 2020

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

Grow with Google
March 2022 — Present


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