Page & Lambert

Taco Therapy

March 2022

Brand Identity

Page & Lambert is a construction firm based in Frankfurt, Germany taking on high-end and groundbreaking skyscraper projects. They wanted a visual system that can scale and expand over multiple touch points while maintaining a bold, innovative, and trustworthy feel.

The Abstract 'PL' monogram was created using uniform line weight and negative space to promote the idea of quality and consistency that is a crucial part of Page & Lambert's philosophy.

Roc Grotesk was used both in the wordmark itself as well as any other typographic elements that exist within the brand. The Roc Grotesk family consists of multiple character widths allowing for interesting contrast within single phrases.

The brand system was created to be flexible and scale across multiple formats and mediums. Subtle duotone imagery allows the use of contextual photography without the distraction of full-scale, color images.